From big to small island!

It’s 50 kilometers that separate them! From the north of the big island we can see, in days of good weather conditions, the small island. Long before 8 am the engines of the boat that makes this connection, can already be heard; the trip takes two and a half hours in a vast and deep […]
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Emotions? Yes, Please!

Emoções? Yes, please!
The etymology of the word emotion indicates an origin in the Latin word ex movere, which means “to move out”. There is no exact definition, in our days, for the concept of emotion, or how many emotions there are. What is known is that the human being is capable of experiencing countless
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Dreams do come true

The Island is not so much a physical barrier as it is an emotional one! We are blocked over and over again, because the immense ocean that surrounds us seems to hold us back from going and we let ourselves stay in the comfort of our home, our daily work and a life that we […]
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