Emotions? Yes, Please!

Emoções? Yes, please!

The etymology of the word emotion indicates an origin in the Latin word ex movere, which means “to move out”. There is no exact definition, in our days, for the concept of emotion, or how many emotions there are. What is known is that the human being is capable of experiencing countless emotions, especially because the feelings they provide in each person are very specific. One of the best-known theses is the psychologist Robert Plutchik, who says that the human being has eight emotions: trust, joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, aversion and anticipation.

Our experiences are undoubtedly responsible for the emotions we bring through our life. I believe that a happy life perpetuates emotional states whose positivity is frankly greater than those who go through setbacks and adversities… the choice is not always ours, but I believe that this fate is often in our hands. As my yoga teacher refers “our higher self lives in full happiness…the layers that we wear through life prevent us from seeing it”

It was in this state of happiness on November 19th when we announced to the world a project dreamed for about two years. The emotions of that day were diverse and, using Plutchik’s list, I would leave behind everything involving negative emotions. I remember Sara’s smiling eyes telling me almost in visual language: we made it! After that moment we had the family and some close friends sharing with us a few more emotions that we hold in our heart. The details of a project cared for and lived in an intense way were coming to memory as if they were the frames of a film. It was the culminating of days, weeks and months of a job only seen by those who shared with us the backstage.

In the evening, sitting at my office, after an intense celebration, I reviewed the site, read the texts and descriptions and when at night I gathered to my room, my soul was naked and felt that full happiness once mentioned by my yoga teacher. I confess that the emotion most associated to this project is joy, resulting from the ability: I can!

I remember with affection the choice of names for our shoes and the pleasure that was dedicating myself for days to the study of chromotherapy and the emotions associated with it. In every word, in every sentence I imagined the certainty of every woman who in doubt read carefully studied texts to help her in the indecision. I was the first one to test the circuit and let me tell you that it felt extraordinarily wee, to understand why I chose that day!

The Umbrella

Sofia D.