Our History

The Dream

We met in the cradle and one day we decided to fly off the island. We grew up together given our parents’ proximity and in many of life’s cycles we met again; both university and motherhood have brought us so many shared moments.

We exchanged dreams, so many… and in this exchange we discovered that one of them was common to us both. We allowed ourselves to dream a little bit more. The dream materialised; among endless research and long morning conversations, we saw a project grow, gradually gaining shape. We left the island, headed north, searched for contacts, made choices, brought back a suitcase full of stories to savour and digest. We learned so much about the art of shoemaking, we fell completely in love with details and decided to make a difference.

The Drawing

We bought pencils, like in our childhood, and began to draw. With a professional designer and an artist for the drawings, we had everything we needed for the first sketches. We looked around for inspiration, we called out to the island: Madeira’s orography, the curling movement of its slopes between the mountains and the sea. Here was the motto for the conception of a product imagined so long ago.

Between smiles and laughter the first sketches were created. Over time, our lines were adjusted, shapes were born and shoes began to come to life. We drew on our own feet, in order to create harmonious proportions. When we were finally satisfied, we sent our newly created sketches to the factory.

From the factory came the long-awaited mould. The prototype was real!

The Name

It was born with a very funny naturalness, while sending an email. We were using the surnames Drummond and Lopes, when the idea of an alliance between them arose – in reality, this alliance would eventually materialize in the symbol that today represents DOL.

At the phonetic level, this word is closely related to the word doll, a name that women identify with in terms of beauty. The features of this element are based on perfect circles and the way they overlap symbolises our stories.

The DOL brand will always be felt and experienced by us as the union of a partnership born many years ago, expressed through a project that has as much dedication from us, as the dedication we give to our friendship!

Sofia Drummond and Sara Lopes